Cosmetic Dentistry for Confident Smiles in Kent

Laughing – it’s an automatic reaction to something that tickles your sense of humour, it is also proven to reduce stress and make you feel happier. Yet, for someone who feels uncomfortable and self-conscious about the condition of their teeth, even smiling at something vaguely amusing is hard. In fact, it’s common for someone who does feel self-conscious to adapt their smile in order to hide their teeth, but all of this could be changed by seeking cosmetic dentistry Kent.

At Nelson Road Dental we perform cosmetic dentistry on a regular basis, and as such we see the positive impact that our work has on those that choose to have it done. Cosmetic dentistry is the term given to procedures which improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth: this can include their colour, position and overall appearance.

There are many procedures which you could opt to have done which will completely transform the way your teeth look, giving you that confident smile which you have always dreamt of.

Teeth Whitening

Discolouration occurs due to your lifestyle: whether you’re an avid drinker of wine, can’t go through the day without having a cup of coffee or you like to indulge in various treats. It what we drink and eat which discolours our teeth, but luckily for you there is a way that you can regain a brilliant white smile, and this is teeth whitening. As expert dentists, we at Nelson Road Dental can provide this service.

Missing Teeth

Whether it’s the result of an excessive lifestyle, an unlucky personal injury London or gum disease, some people have gaps where they are missing teeth. This not only affects the appearance of your smile but also affects how you eat, chew and speak. To combat this, implants are an effective solution with end results that will put a smile back on your face.

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