Planning Dental Implants in Kent

Many of us feel self-conscious about our appearance, especially our teeth. If you have lost a few teeth, whether through illness or an accident, you will appreciate the stress and upset this may cause. Subsequently, we at Nelson Road Dental have found that those with missing teeth opt to have dental implants to restore their beautiful smile and confidence. Yet, as professional dentists, there are a few things to plan before choosing to have dental implants Kent.

The first factor to consider is the location of your dentist. Ideally you want somewhere which is easily accessible and local to you. There is no point choosing a dentist which is an hour’s drive away, as the last thing you will want to do after your dental implant surgery is to drive a long distance. In fact, here at Nelson Road Dental we would advise you to bring a friend or family, so that they can support you on the journey home.

In addition to the location, it’s also useful to select a dentist which you feel comfortable with. At Nelson Road Dental, every single one of our team are extremely friendly and approachable – with our main aim being to make you feel completely relaxed. To help achieve this, we have soothing music playing in the background and televisions located in the premises to enable you to feel more at home.

After your consultation, you will find yourself completely relaxed and comfortable in our safe and experienced hands. One way we aim to make you feel comfortable is by giving you the facts, as having an understanding of the procedure itself means that you have no fear of the unexpected.

If you are considering dental implants Kent, we would firmly suggest you seek a dentist with prior experience in dental cosmetic surgery. This way, you can relax in the knowledge that you are being cared for by a trained and experienced professional. If you would like further information on the services we provide, contact us today on 01634 851 317.

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