Is Your Smile Giving the Right Impression?

Studies have shown that your smile can have a huge impact on the way you are received by others. Even without knowing it, human beings make snap judgements of each other based on physical appearance and this will influence the first impression that you leave behind.

In random surveys, members of the public would be more likely to doubt the intelligence and social skills of a person whose teeth are discoloured, crooked or missing than the same person shown with a neat, white smile.

The impact of these unconscious judgements could be far reaching. In situations such as client meetings, job interviews or your first encounter with a new partner’s family, the last thing you want to worry about is the idea that your teeth may be misrepresenting you.

In the same way that you would dress smartly for an important occasion, having confidence in your smile can boost your morale and help you to portray the best possible you.

Here at Nelson Road Dental Practice we understand that the effects of your smile go deeper than just a cosmetic impression and can have a real impact on your confidence and happiness in social situations. We believe that dentistry can make a genuine and lasting improvement to people’s well-being, from a simple whitening to subtle fillings or a gradual reshaping.

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