Brace Yourself: Alternative Treatments for Achieving Straighter Teeth

Many people dread this time of year. Not because of the cost of presents or the chore of trying to find a new outfit but because they don’t want to be caught on one of the many cameras that capture what should be a joyous occasion. If this sounds like you, and your smile is getting in the way of you having a good time, then we at Nelson Road Dental are here to help with our experienced orthodontists.

Although there are many children and teenagers that have corrective methods to improve crooked teeth, we understand that some people go into adulthood still feeling conscious of their smile and take the steps to improve this in later years.

We also understand that what often puts many people off is the thought of having metal braces that are not very subtle. Fortunately, advances in the dental industry have meant that there are now alternatives to metal braces which may appeal to a wider market; here are just some of the options available.


This is a very popular choice for many adults and late teens because Invisalign braces are subtle and don’t require the need for wires or brackets. The other benefit is that these use slight pressure to move your teeth into position, making it a more comfortable way to get your desired look.

Six Month Smile:

Although not suitable for everyone, we undertake a consultation with each patient to see whether they qualify for the six month smile. If this is the case, the method is painless and if started now, you’ll be seeing results by the summer.

Damon Brace:

This brace is the newest addition to the family of conventional braces. Fitted on the outside, the design is sleek creating less friction and showing results in less time than the conventional brace we all know. Suitable for particularly crooked teeth, this is the method if you want quicker results.

We hope this helps you in finding a solution to fixing your smile. We at Nelson Road avoid extractions at any cost so will discuss other options with you so if this a matter you are wishing to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the details on our contact us page.


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