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Why Should You Choose Orthodontist Treatment?

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

A smile can make your face look years younger and also provide a big boost to your confidence. However, if you have bad and crooked teeth, putting a full-fledged smile on your face is the last thing you would want to do. There is a solution out there though as orthodontist treatment is not just about giving you a smile makeover, but also about making you feel good about yourself.


How to Get Rid of Your Teeth Imperfections

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Your teeth are a very important feature on your face. It can be the first thing that someone notices when they look at you, so it’s important you make a great first impression and show off your confident smile. Many people are very conscious of their teeth due to a number of imperfections. Fortunately we here at Nelson Road Dental have a solution to get you that perfect smile.

A Solution for Stained Teeth

Our teeth are prone to staining due to a number of damaging chemicals they are exposed to. Smoking can have a huge impact on the state of your teeth. It can cause discolouration, as well as a build-up of plaque and tarter. Fizzy drinks and coffee can also cause a lot of damage to your teeth. They again can cause staining and discoloration, fizzy drinks can also erode away the enamel on your teeth, leaving them weaker and more sensitivity. Fitting veneers to your teeth can automatically enhance your smile, leaving you with a pearly white finish.

Chipped of Broken Teeth

Excessive grinding can cause damage to your teeth, leaving an uneven smile. Chipped or broken teeth can also have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your smile; this can cause a decline in confidence for many people. Veneers are fitted over the front of your teeth to provide a uniform finish. They can be fitted over all of your teeth, or if you have one or two chipped or broken teeth, the veneer can be adjusted so that it matches with the colour and appearance of your other teeth.

Gaps and Spaces Between Teeth

People with gaps in their teeth are often left embarrassed or self-conscious with their smile. We can close the gaps easily by fitting veneers. This will provide an even finish, so you can flash your smile with confidence.

We understand how important your teeth are, you use them for eating, talking and smiling. We also recognise the impact that they can have on your confidence and day to day lives. That’s why we offer our specialist services to help you to improve the overall appearance of them.

Our professional and experienced staff are available to put you at ease and discuss the best solution for you. We realise that many people are scared of the dentist, which is why we create a friendly environment for you to discuss any fears you may have, so we can reassure you to the best of our ability. For more information on veneers in Rochester by Nelson Road Dental, or any other dental services, call us today at on 01634 851 317.

Get the Perfect Smile in Time for Summer

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Summer is just around the corner and people will be topping up their tans, getting their hair done and preparing themselves for the sun. When it’s sunny people are generally happier and in better moods, meaning they smile more. This can be a nightmare for those with stained or dull teeth as they are the last thing they want on show. (more…)

A Pain Free Dentist- Yes It’s Possible

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

When you ask most people what they are most afraid of, unsurprisingly they say the dentist. You hear all those horror stories about the drilling, the sharp objects and most importantly the pain. Well lucky for you here at Nelson Road Dental, we understand that many of our clients have a huge fear of the dentist which is why we have a number of options available for them. (more…)

You’re Never Too Old to Improve Your Smile

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Many people associate orthodontic work with those difficult teenage years, when braces were generally accepted as a common sight. As we reach adulthood, many people shy away from the idea of having teeth straightening as they feel that they have somehow missed the opportunity to improve their smile.

In fact, more and more adults are making the decision to revisit their orthodontist and set about creating a confident, healthy smile. And the great news is that methods have improved dramatically over the years, so there is now a whole range of options for you to choose from.

If you have concerns about the idea of having a visible brace, we have a number of solutions to help. For example, the Invisalign system uses clear aligners to apply gentle pressure over a number of weeks without the need for wires or brackets. Alternatively, our highly skilled experts can apply lingual braces, which are fitted to the inside of your teeth in order to carry out their work with complete discretion.

If speed is your priority, ask your orthodontist about the six month smile technique, which is a safe and painless way of achieving straighter teeth within a short period of time. If this process is not suitable for you, a Damon brace is the latest design of traditional brace, which is more compact and works more quickly than conventional alternatives.

Here at Nelson Road Dental Practice we believe that a new smile can help to boost your self-confidence and make a genuine difference to your life. We have helped many patients across Gillingham, Rochester, Chatham and the surrounding areas to realise the potential of their smiles. To find out how we could help you too, call us on 01634 851 317.

Is Your Smile Giving the Right Impression?

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Studies have shown that your smile can have a huge impact on the way you are received by others. Even without knowing it, human beings make snap judgements of each other based on physical appearance and this will influence the first impression that you leave behind.

In random surveys, members of the public would be more likely to doubt the intelligence and social skills of a person whose teeth are discoloured, crooked or missing than the same person shown with a neat, white smile.

The impact of these unconscious judgements could be far reaching. In situations such as client meetings, job interviews or your first encounter with a new partner’s family, the last thing you want to worry about is the idea that your teeth may be misrepresenting you.

In the same way that you would dress smartly for an important occasion, having confidence in your smile can boost your morale and help you to portray the best possible you.

Here at Nelson Road Dental Practice we understand that the effects of your smile go deeper than just a cosmetic impression and can have a real impact on your confidence and happiness in social situations. We believe that dentistry can make a genuine and lasting improvement to people’s well-being, from a simple whitening to subtle fillings or a gradual reshaping.

If you are interested in discussing the ways in which we could help you to take pride in your smile, call us on 01634 851 317 or complete our simple online contact form.


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